“This isn’t like a 28-day program that just sucks you up and spits you out. It’s really a wellness program.”
— Joy, an AcadianaCares client
Hear from other AcadianaCares clients.

Because good health is essential for a productive and vibrant life, AcadianaCares has made Wellness a central part of its mission.

AcadianaCares knows that there is no single step to good health and that wellness begins before you start to feel sick, which is why we are excited and honored to provide an even higher quality of care for our clients and their families.

In addition to the support AcadianaCares has provided over the past thirty years, we now offer a Primary Care Clinic on our campus offering a wide range of primary and preventative health services provided by highly qualified physicians and nurse practitioners.

Appointments are available for:

Primary Health Care

Sexual Health Screenings

HIV Care and Maintenance

LGBTQ Health Care

PrEP Prescribing and Maintenance

Hepatitis C (HCV) Treatment and Management

Mental Health Services, Including Medication Management and Counseling 

Please call to schedule an appointment: (337) 704-0787  or (337) 233-2437 ext. 155 







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